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Alice by Redqueyour online accounting colleague!

Say goodbye to demanding manual processing of invoices and receipts. Expand your team with a new accounting colleague, Alice, who will do the work for you in no time, saving you thousands of crowns a month. Our own artificial intelligence model (Redque) can process a large number of different types of documents and transcribe all relevant data from them in a short time. These can be checked for accuracy and easily exported to your accounting software.

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Say goodbye to manual processing of accounting documents!

  • Function icon 1Import documents via web, app or email in various formats
  • Function icon 2Automatically overwrite all required fields from your documents.
  • Function icon 3Export to your accounting system in one click.
See how you can use Alice.

We're here for anyone who wants to make their job easier.


  • quick and easy processing of tax documents
  • intuitive interface of the web and mobile app
  • a cost-effective solution that saves you time and money
  • support and guidance from Alice
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  • efficient management of multiple accounting units in one place
  • improving the quality of your service
  • up to 98% accuracy of extracted data
  • saving you time and money
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  • our system allows easy connection via API
  • fast, reliable and affordable solution
  • our support throughout the entire process
  • emphasis on security and data protection
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Interested in anything about the Czech Alice app? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Who is Alice


I’d like to introduce myself, I’m your digital accountant Alice, and I’ll help you with your accounts. With the help of the Czech REDQUE system I am able to extract all the necessary and important information from your receipts and invoices very quickly with 98% accuracy. I have been effectively helping small and large businesses save time and money for several years.

Try me in your office too and leave the tedious work to me.

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Clients,who use our services.

Why would you want Alice in your office?

We support you in the preparation of your accounts.

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Availability 24/7

You don't have to wait for documents to be transcribed. Alice will process everything for you anytime, anywhere.
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Your invoices and receipts will be transcribed in seconds.
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The safety and security of your data is our top priority. That's why we adhere to the strictest standards.
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Alice is able to process Czech, English and German invoices and import them into Czech and Slovak accounting systems.

OUR Team

Redque is a unique product based on a combination of OCR and artificial intelligence, developed in 2012 by MEMOS Software. Behind its algorithm is software engineer Lukáš Neumann (winner of the Czech Mind award), who has been working in machine learning all his life - in business, at Oxford University and at the Czech Technical University.

Lukáš Neumann

Solution Architect

Jaroslav Ždímal

Sales Representative

Tadeáš Matoušek

Sales Director

Martin Dušek

Marketing Director

Andrej Bykadorov


Get in touch

with us

Do not hesitate to contact us.

    A simple application that everyone can use.

    The Alice app was built in collaboration with a team of accountants. We have tried to fully capture the layout and features that will make working with tax documents as easy as possible. Everything is intuitive, simple and can be used on any device.

    You can modernise your accounting in no time

    We don't practice a corporate approach, so you can always agree with us on everything. We believe that quality cooperation is built on honest and friendly communication. You can start using our Alice in your office within a few days, just contact us.

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    The fateful first contact...

    For some, Alice is love at first sight, others consider her for a while. But they all agree that she can really simplify the work in accounting. You can see for yourself in the trial version. Do you like our app? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Starting at the office? Immediately!

    After an initial introduction and agreement on the terms of cooperation, we move on to the signing of the contract. You will then be provided with full access to our application. We will then be happy to help you with the connection (integration) to your accounting systems. Once everything is ready, you can start using Alice to its full potential.

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    What a ride!

    By the time you've had time to brew your coffee or tea, our systems will have generated dozens of invoices for you. Get rid of the tedious manual transcription of documents once and for all and focus on more important activities. Our goal is to save you time and money and help eliminate human error.

    A professional with the price of a trainee

    Save yourself the time and effort and leave it to Alice.

    Small companies

    Monthly volume of processed invoices up to 1.000

    Medium-sized businesses

    Monthly volume of processed invoices up to 3.000

    Large companies

    Monthly volume of processed invoices over 3.000

    The price usually depends on the volume of invoices processed and the complexity of the connection to your accounting system.

    We will be happy to discuss the exact calculation and a non-binding offer with you at the meeting.

    Don’t overpay for document processing, our own artificial intelligence system will offer you the best conditions on the market.

    Invoice from 5 crowns! 0 crowns per accounting unit, 0 crowns per user, 0 crowns/month for integrations (paid only once), 0 crowns for approval workflow, 0 crowns for export to .xml / ISDOC / .csv …

    We can tap into most accounting systems.

    The most widely used accounting systems are no problem for us. We can send you all the extracted data to them in no time.

    See the simplicity of integrations
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    How can you work with Alice?

    Our system can be integrated into your business as a web application or through an API.

    Web application

    • A quick and easy way to make your job easier
      • invoices can be imported into the app, emailed or scanned
      • subsequent extraction with 98% accuracy
      • either export or approve within the approval workflow
    • We will ensure connection to your system
    • We back up data securely on physically separate servers
      • we allow archiving for up to 5 years
    • We adhere to the strictest security standards.
    • You can try everything free of charge in the DEMO version.

    Open Interface (API)

    • Take control of our technology and customize it to your needs.
    • Get your own API call key
    • Leverage our AI technology at a higher level.
    • Try our API for free.

    Contact details

    Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to email or call us, we are here for you every working day.

    Redque s.r.o.

    Account number: 2802652747/2010
    IČ: 14430266
    DIČ: CZ14430266
    Zapsáno v OR ved. MěS v Praze oddíl C, vložka 365526